We're happy to welcome you to the new!

It has been a remarkable journey; and today, we're happy to share the first step Gandour is taking into the digital world, a world that we believe is becoming an ever more important facet of all our lives and that of the Gandour community.

Faster, more immersive and easier to navigate, offers easy access to our portfolio of products, our rich history, job opportunities and an insight into our purpose and core values. We want to make it easy for you to keep up to date with all that we are doing.

We’ve also plugged into several social channels that have been growing our online communities helping us shrink the gap between your needs and our actions.

Social Hub is the best place to catch up with all those channels. You’ll find the space will enable you read all our latest stories, from all corners of our digital footprint, in one place. Whether it's a new product, promotion, a tweet or even an introduction to one of the people behind Gandour, you’ll find it quickly. The hub is deeply integrated across the site enabling you to share your favorite products, posts or promotions with great ease.

We invite you to explore our website and, as always, welcome all your comments.

We kindly ask you to remain within our communities code of conduct.

Thank you for choosing to be here.

We hope you enjoy!

Gandour Social Team

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